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Hydrogel Film Pre česť 20s 20i 20 pro Screen Protector huawei honor 30s 30/9x pro Screen Protector česť 20s 20i Hydrogel Film

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  • Druh: Predné Film
  • Názov Značky: FT
  • Kompatibilný Telefón Značky: Huawei
  • Edge-to-edge Pokrytie: Áno

  • Author: Yangirova Irina
  • Date: 2020-10-31
  • A good hydrogel film. in the set of 5 PCs. Plus to each film wet and dry wipes, one plastic plate for leveling (did not use it, T. K. Small and has rather sharp faces), unfortunately, stickers for removing micropolls are not provided, I had to use it from another set. The film is thin, quite easy to glue, the edges fit tightly and do not peel off, fit well in size, passes along the border of the rounded glass. When pasting, 2-3 small bubbles were formed, which during the day, Unfortunately, the strip in the place of the connector of the protective film for a month though it became less noticeable, but so until the end did not align and microbubbles under it did not disappear. enough marking, not very strong, there are dents, from a gentle impact with a sharp object, it will protect the screen, but it can break through, so it's reckless to put the phone in the bag still not worth it. The brightness, color reproduction and sensitivity of the screen does not affect, the fingers and stylus on it slide well
  • 4/5