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LOL Ligy S9 Sezóny LEC G2 Esports Tím Jednotné Jersey Wunder Jankos Čiapky PerkZ Mikyx Hoodie CSGO Hra Hlavných Bunda Zip-up Kabát

€54.25 €17.36

  • Druh: Pravidelné
  • Odnímateľná Časť: ŽIADNE
  • Názov Značky: CINESSD
  • Kapucňou: Áno
  • Hrúbka: Tenké (Letné)
  • Vzor Typ: Tlač
  • Pohlavie: MUŽI
  • Číslo Modelu: 0
  • Oblečenie Dĺžka: Pravidelné
  • Rukáv Štýl: Pravidelné
  • Položka Druh: Hoodies
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Rukáv Dĺžka(cm): Tri Štvrtiny
  • Uzavretie Typ: na zips
  • Materiál: Polyester
  • Golier: O-Krku
  • Štýl: High Street

  • Author: Annazhig
  • Date: 2021-02-02
  • Product as explained. Good material for the jersey, jacket material requires extra care as it may easily be frayed if unaware. If seller have larger size than it will be more awesome! :D All in All, this is a good alternative from buying the original, saved you 70% discount for replica quality! Seller is awesome, my first shipment didnt make it through because of the typhoon, but seller took the responsibility to take care of my package for the 2nd trip, welldone seller you deserve a good praise! :)
  • 5/5

  • Author: Roger Caulfield
  • Date: 2020-12-21
  • It's like the zip-free sweatshirt, regulatory quality
  • 3/5